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Album artwork of Metropolitan Hospital Center by Dylan Seeger

Dylan Seeger returns, and a toast to the unexpected

A near delirious strain of baroque pop, the album is quite beautiful. It’s off the beaten track, true to itself and all the more alive because of it.

By Frederick O'Brien

Album artwork of Lovely mutant cauliflower by This frilly ape

This frilly ape's 'Lovely mutant cauliflower' as weird and wonderful as it sounds

It's quite the fusion of sounds, and huge credit goes to Rumerio for creating something so distinctive. It's rather captivating, truth be told.

By André Dack

Photograph of members of the band Queens of the Stone Age playing pool

Our 10 favourite albums of the 2010s

The end of the 2010s is upon us, which means we are bound by obscure 16th century law to rank our favourite albums of the decade.

By Andrew Bridge, André Dack, Frederick O'Brien & Marcus Lawrence

Ellie Rowsell singing in front of a microphone

Our 10 favourite singles of the 2010s

The decade had some doozies. Here were our favourites.

By Marcus Lawrence, Michael Clark, André Dack & Frederick O'Brien

Tyler, the Creator wearing a dashing baby blue suit and monstrous blonde wig

Our 10 favourite albums of 2019

It's the end of the year, which means we're legally obliged to round up our favourite albums. Here are our picks in the year of our Lorde 2019.

By André Dack, Frederick O'Brien & Marcus Lawrence

Tyler, the Creator in a promotional shot for his album Igor

Our 10 favourite singles of 2019

From haunted hip hop rides to lunar cruise muzak, this will likely be the most un-single-like list of year-end singles we ever do.

By Marcus Lawrence, Frederick O'Brien, André Dack & Andrew Bridge

Blurred concept art from the video game Mirror's Edge

Keep Faith: the music of ‘Mirror’s Edge’

The Mirror's Edge OST is tuned perfectly to the game’s tone. Elegant, adaptive, and constantly on the move, it is proper parkour music.

By Frederick O'Brien

Abstract illustration of two heads talking to each other

Confessions of an album reviewer

For reasons known not even to himself, Fred decides to disparage the memory of George Orwell's essay 'Confessions of a Book Reviewer'.

By Frederick O'Brien

Photograph of Bob Dylan taken from the artwork of his album Nashville Skyline

Mr. Tambourine Fan: Bob Dylan’s studio albums ranked

Who would be mad enough to single-handedly rank Bob Dylan's 38 studio albums? Why, Charlie Clissitt of course. Two great minds for the price of one.

By Charlie Clissitt

Artwork depicting a man listening to music with medical pills as ear buds

Soma, Spotify, and the brave new world of music consumption

In 2012, David Byrne wrote that music risked becoming a soma-like drug. Today his concerns are closer to reality than we would like to think.

By Frederick O'Brien